Who we are

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Beanpeace Roastery is a small batch artisan coffee roaster providing the freshest roasted beans to individuals and select retail establishments in the Durham area. 

Our business is designed to provide a small number of local businesses with artisan roasted fair trade organic certified coffee beans.

It is not our intention to provide the most coffee in the area, but the highest quality FTO coffee to individuals and establishments who demonstrate the shared values by purchasing goods and services locally as possible from businesses committed to protecting the environment and communities that provide such products.

We are committed to donating a portion of their profits to non-profit organizations currently working within those communities. Our mission is to balance the needs of customers, the environment, and the coffee growers.







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Nicaraguan Segovia dark chocolate with notes of black cherry, we recommend a Vienna roast.

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Honduran from Marcala is full bodied with medium acidity having a slightly fruity aroma and sweet flavor.

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SWP Mayan Decaf

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SWP Mayan Decaf  is a 100% natural Swiss water processed with mild chocolate, clean, and balanced darker roasts bring out the fullness of the body.

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Guatemalan Huehuetenango

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Guatemalan Huehuetenango has mild with average acidity, lighter roasts have rich body with smooth chocolaty finish while darker roasts are full bodied with a hint of smokiness.

Mexican Chiapas

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Mexican Chiapas medium bean with dark chocolate and a hint of lemony background.


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Sumatra Takengon darker roasts enhance the inherent earthy and baker’s chocolate, while maintaining its famously low acidity and heavy body.

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Ethiopian Sidamo

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Ethiopian Sidamo is smooth and creamy with hints strawberry , cocoa , dry finish  at a Vienna Roast, while darker roasts bring out the more robust earthy flavors.

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Beanpeace Roastery

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We are a woman owned roastery in Durham, North Carolina who are excited to offer freshly roasted coffee beans to our friends, neighbors and local establishments. Our specialty lies not only in our roasting methods, but also in our socially responsible business practices. Our mission is to balance the needs of our customers, our community, our environment, and our coffee growers. We do this by providing small batch daily roasting, we do not keep a roasted bean inventory. We support locally owned businesses in Durham and donate a percentage of our profits to organizations supporting our community. We only use beans certified to be grown organically and traded at a fair price to the workers and the farmers. We respond to our customers’ requests for shipment or delivery quickly and have the roasted beans out the door in 48 hours. As you open the bag of beans. the aroma of the freshly roasted coffee beans will transform you. We will work with you to customize blends and roasts for your business, cafe, bakery, or restaurant and provide the best wholesale pricing available.


Benefits of Fairly Traded Organic Coffee

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Guatemalan Heuheutenango

Organic farms do not consume or release synthetic pesticides into the environment—many that have the potential to harm soil, water and local wildlife. Organic farms are better than conventional farms at sustaining diverse ecosystems, such as plants, insects, and area wildlife. When calculated per unit area, organic farms use less energy and produce less waste.

Trade is based on seven principles as quoted by the Fair Trade Federation (FTF):

    •                Fair wages

    •                Cooperative workplaces

    •                Consumer education

    •                Environmental sustainability

    •                Financial and technical support

    •                Respect for cultural identity

    •                Public accountability

  • Our Business

    Beanpeace Roastery is a small-batch coffee roaster. We focus our business solely on the freshest, Organic Fair Trade coffee you can find anywhere. We strive to purchase raw coffee beans that are grown and harvested by those who work towards a collective stewardship of the earth.

    We’re coffee roasters and are not the best resource for equipment purchase, rental, or maintenance. We are concerned only with the quality of your choices of beans, blends, and roasts. Custom blending is always an option for our wholesale clients and we will help you find your preferred flavor and roast.

    We roast all our coffee to order and ship your coffee within 48 hours (2 weekdays) of your order. Requests are treated as if they were our emergencies, and we will do everything we can to get you the freshest coffee experience, when you need it, weekends or otherwise.

  • Looking for exceptional quality?

    Beanpeace Roastery purchases and roasts only coffee that is certified organic and fairly traded. We select high grown Arabica coffee beans from around the world and roast daily in small batches to ensure the taste of the coffee is truly characteristic of the bean cultivation practices of the regions. Large automatic roasters often flatten these characteristics creating an unexceptional flavor. We do not maintain an inventory of roasted beans to ensure you are receiving the freshest possible coffee for your brewing pleasure.